Wrattenbullie Stud is a family operation run by Rod, Gayle Brad and Alana Davies on 418 hectares of prime grazing land in the Wrattonbully District.

It started as a love for cattle and has developed into a passion to breed high performing Poll Hereford cattle. The breeding herd consists of 50 cows selected on structure, fertility and mothering ability.

Foundation females were purchased from Nioka ,Goonamurra, Neilpo and Allendale studs. We have been performance recording with breedplan since early 1990s and with genomic testing improving the accuracy of the data we feel we can still play a role producing bulls with traits the commercial cattle men are looking for.

AI and embryo transfers have become an important tool for our breeding programs enabling us to source the genetic we desire.

Diamond Bull Sale

Wrattenbullie has been a partner in the Diamond Bull Sale since its inception allowing us to market our top end bulls at auction. In 2017 we saw the relocation of this sale to the Bendulla property.